What our clients are saying…

Lookstyle is efficient (they understand my time constraints and always makes the best use of our time together); they are extremely knowledgeable (familiar with designers and the quality of items); They are economically conscientious (understand my budget); They are considerate and resourceful (they understand when I cannot part with an item, and will show me how I can update it); they are fashionable (stay current by attending fashion exposes in places like NYC); they are patient (always willing to answer all my elementary questions and take their time easing me into new styles and brands); they are detail oriented (put together a complete outfit, as they did with my closet). Lookstyle has been invaluable to me…they are true geniuses when it comes to styling!!!!” – Arden, Lawyer (Chicago)

Kellie, I’m really enjoying the new clothes, organized closet and look book. I’ve had several great comments about my new look…I didn’t realize how much attention people paid to what I wore! The look book is taking me just a bit toward more stylish combinations and I really liked the makeup tips to set the clothes off!”–Janice (Chicago) 

Lookstyle has definitely “elevated” my shopping experience. They are absolutely incredible in the way they keep in constant contact via email and text, always keeping me abreast of what’s new with great photos and great styling. They always follow through with exceptional customer service, never losing sight of any of the details. Being a few zip codes away, they have found a way to give me instant gratification and the feeling that I only live a few blocks from the best shopping in the world. Lookstyle has really helped me put together an amazing wardrobe expression and my best “shoe” forward!” – Andrea, Mom (Minneapolis)

As a busy physician as well as a mother of seven young children, I have little time to spend shopping for myself as my days are spent in my profession and taking care of my children. However, it is important to me to be a “put together” mom as well as fashionable but professional in my business. I was so very fortunate to have met Kellie 3 years ago after the birth of my sixth child. She simplified my busy life! Each spring and fall/winter, I meet with Kellie for her to style me for the season. She knows my fit, my style and my budget and works with me to get the latest fashions that are right for me!

When I am just too busy to meet with Kellie or in need of an occasion outfit, she has been on top of it, sending me packages to try! She works with my over the phone with all my questions and sends me a detailed list on the clothing and how to pair each piece. She adds pieces that will work with what I already have in my wardrobe for the previous seasons and teaches me how to pair my previous pieces with a few updated pieces of the season. When I call her and tell her, I am coming into the Chicago area, she has ALWAYS made time to meet with me and is efficient with our time. She always tells me, if I am in need, she will be more than happy to travel to see me as well. Kellie has been such an amazing and valuable addition to my crazy but fun life…and I truly want to thank you Kellie for keeping me an “in haute” mom.” – Yvonne, Mom and Physician (Michigan)

Wow – yesterday I wore my new skinnies (so comfy!), and that amazing summer sweater with a white cami underneath and those cool sandals….I felt so put together! Then, I met my husband out for a quick dinner at a neighborhood place – and I felt just so wonderfully put together and a little bit sexy. My husband loved the outfit (and has loved them all so far!) I’m telling you, this experience has been life-changing. I now have confidence that I will have something to wear and look great for every event/day this summer. You guys are so amazing. Worth every penny!” – Trish, Mom and Business Owner (Chicago)

Lookstyle – I had a blast! It was SO great to meet you and Kellie! I feel SO much better about my clothes and closet! I have so many new outfits I never knew I had! Thank you so much for spending the day with me!” –Kelle, Mom (Chicago)

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