Full or Half-Day Personal Shopper

For Women Or Men

Lookstyle Can Help 


Would you love a wardrobe that’s easy to manage, has multiple outfit combinations and is suitable for any occasion?

Our Half or Full-Day Personal Shopping service is perfect if you find that you waste money on clothes you never wear and feel like nothing seems to fit or look quite right. Perhaps you go shopping and feel overwhelmed or come back with similar things every time you shop? Or, are you are just too busy to shop and want a Personal Shopper to curate a wardrobe that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle? Lookstyle can help!

Before we begin…

We will discuss your needs and budget and are happy to meet in the location of your choice. We work to make sure we design a good capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and matched in lots of different ways. Before the shopping day we will have researched fully into your brief, making sure we know exactly what to buy.

Your Lookstylist will know precisely where to locate each item on your list. Our stress-free shopping experience is designed to ensure our trip stays as relaxed and as fun as possible. Rest assured that all of your pieces will work together to create multiple outfits that are perfect for YOU and your lifestyle.

An easy to manage wardrobe where everything works together?

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The Shopping Experience

The Personal Shopping experience is much more than an accompanied shopping trip. You’ll come away from the session with a clear view of how your new items will work with your existing wardrobe and how to shop next time. 

During our trip, you’ll learn which shops are best for you, which shapes are best for you, how to mix and match and how to create successful outfits. Our personal shoppers are the best at what they do and you’ll come away with as much as possible for your budget. To complete our session, we’ll create a personalized report with tips of how to wear your new clothes and how to make sure you get the most out of them.

Our goal is to understand you, your lifestyle, and to make sure you look and feel fabulous.

Lookstyle is here for you 

What’s included?

 See how to put outfits together successfully
 Find out where to shop and more importantly how to shop
 See how to mix and match outfits as you go along
 Lots of outfits and ideas for work, weekend and evening looks
 An in-depth personalized style report with shape and trend advice

Before the shopping day we will have you complete our New Client STAT sheet. We will schedule a time to discuss, making sure we know exactly what to buy.

Half-Day starts at $500. Full-Day starts at $1000.
The Full-Day Personal Shopper package lasts from 10am-5pm.