4-tips-800x800Transitioning from season to season can sometimes be difficult, especially between winter and spring when weather is unpredictable. Now that spring is around the corner, our stylists wanted to share a few handy tips on how to transition your wardrobe in style.

Some people find it difficult giving up the cozy knits and big jackets once the flowers start to bloom, however at Lookstyle our stylists are well equipped with helping you step into spring with ease.

Tip #1 – Swap black for Tan

Neutrals don’t always have to be black, navy and grey. Ditch the black for a fresher palette of tan, blush and nude. Black is (and always will be) a great staple color, however in spring we recommend changing up your black boots for beige, swapping your black bag for taupe and adding a lighter weight jacket in a lighter color.

Tip #2 – One consistent color

Do your summer and winter wardrobe look like they belong to two different people? Do dark colors and heavy knits rule in winter and prints seem to take over in the summer? Sometimes we often find that having a very different style from one season to the next can make the transition even more difficult. That’s why our stylists recommend investing in great basics to help tie season’s together. Try choosing a color that is in both your summer and winter wardrobe (Navy for example).

Tip #3 – Think about YEAR round clothing items

When shopping for the spring, think about how you will incorporate your new pieces with your existing wardrobe. We love a tan blazer paired with ripped jeans and you could also wear this with some shorts when it gets warmer.

Tip #4 – Invest In a Spring Coat

Going straight from a warm winter coat into a lightweight jacket is too big a step that’s why we recommend investing in a great spring jacket such as the one in our main image. Look for a neutral color in beige, stone or nude. Find out more about selecting the right minimal pieces here.

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