There is one true love in my life, my Chanel Patent Quilted Hobo Bag! And what makes me smile every single time I look to my side and see her looking as wonderful as the day I first bought her is that he is one of 5 top designer bags in my wardrobe.

Consider me a guru of high street fashion meets high end. How to blend the two is the task most get confused with. You may also wonder ‘how do I lower my acceptable level of quality to incorporate a pair of ripped jeans? Think about your staple ‘go-to’ items; the pieces that require timeless quality. I would invest in items such as handbags, scarfs, the perfect knit, belts and jacket/coats. These pieces are ones that you would pull out every season and still expect them to feel well loved yet brand new.

How many of you have over 15 scarves? And if you say no then allow me to call your bluff. Yet, how often would we instantly reach for the same 2 or 3? This is because that ‘favorite’ scarf naturally works with our complexion and also makes every outfit look ‘WOW’! #truth

Now, how do I put that timeless cashmere knit crew (with a lower quality, high fashion item? Simple- get creative! Find amazing skirts, trousers and printed bottoms in places such as Topshop . As an example, I would happily pair that perfect knit with an pleated midi skirt. Top the look off with a think waist belt and ankle boots.

splurge_shop_photo save_shop_photo

One last notable tip- if your pockets are not so deep and you want to experiment with top quality designer products then start digging through your local vintage store. There is a good reason why Chanel and Bally bags are seen in abundance, it is because they stand the test of time!

Quality is everything, even if it is second hand.


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