Being invited to a number of parties over the weekend is a great boost of confidence (because feeling popular is fab) but a headache for planning ahead. Finding the right outfit for the right occasion can be challenging so here’s a few tips to help you along your way…

Key pieces

Constantly going backwards and forwards deciding on what to wear is a problem we all go through. Investing in key pieces is the solution (that, and a limitless credit card). The great thing about key pieces is they can be reused from season to season. For me, weekend wardrobe essentials should consist of:

A durable leather jacket, comfortable sweater, heels, sneakers, skinny jeans, a spotless white shirt and lots of accessories.

Weekend Essentials
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From work, straight to the bar, Friday nights can sometimes be quite frantic. Keep your work attire simple and simply base your evening outfit around what you’re already wearing. Substitute your coat for a blazer and accessories with jewelry and a scarf. Don’t be afraid to add color to your lips, finding the right color lipstick will help transform your look.


If (like most people) your Saturday is divided into two parts, its best to prepare in advance. In the morning when deciding on what to wear for the day plan both day and evening outfits. This allows you to see what’s missing and stops you from buying any unnecessary last minute outfits that you’ll probably never wear.

Comfortable footwear is a must! If your evening outfit involves you wearing heels then maybe think about wearing sneakers or flat shoes throughout the day. This enables your feet to last longer during the evening because we all know there’s nothing worse than having to end a night early due to unbearably painful feet.


For most of us Sunday is a day of relaxation, casual lunch dates or watching the kids partake in their chosen sport. A pair of sneakers or a low heeled ankle boot, matched with your favorite skinny jeans and a thick wool sweater are the perfect pieces to accompany you on your travels. Wearing a comfortable outfit is the key to enjoying your last day before the hectic week ahead starts. Don’t be afraid to remix some of your summer pieces, like a -shirt or recycle the jeans you wore from yesterday. Utilizing your wardrobe is a great way to create a unique, affordable style.

Last tip, try to incorporate as much of your personality into your style by using accessories. This will help add character and individuality.

If you find it difficult shopping for essential weekend pieces, get in touch with our expert styling team. They’ll leave you looking and feeling fantastic with the perfect weekend wardrobe.





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