1003027_10151791203807700_1649959375_nI have had many people ask if I could share, once again the 10 pieces of advice I spoke about last night at the Connect.Inspire.Grow 2nd Anniversary Party : Inspiring Chicagoans. During my speech I discussed my road to success as well as some of the bumps, detours, and overall path I took to create personal success, happiness, and  growth.  Here is the 10 pieces of advice I gave last night.. Enjoy.

1.      Let go of the labels society puts on us. Create your own path and your own label.  What would your label be? Make one up and then find your way.
2.  The importance of being a good listener.  My clients tell me about their lives, not what they need at the store.  Their fears, their insecurities, their hopes and their failures.  I translate these stories and help them become a better version of themselves.  I Don’t think about $$– I think about people first.. trust me .. it’s a better strategy.

3.  Keep working hard even if some of what you do is “not your job”..

no career ladder in your dreams*

4.   Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  I work with a lot of young professionals.  Being seen as the person for the job before you have the job- lets them know you’re a quality candidate.
5. Ask for help.  I was taught as a women in business that I have to be tough and not show weakness.   Asking for help sometimes is actually an act of strength.

6.   Take time for yourself.  Starting your own company can be a 24/7 job. You need time to reboot and recharge.

7.  Be a yes man – say yes to every invitation. You never know who’s sitting next to you.  There are so many amazing networking opportunities in this town both professionally and socially.  I’ve met so many inspiring people unexpectedly.

8.  Always bring your business card.  Always represent the best YOU. Someone is always looking.
House actor example
9.  Don’t look down!  We’re taught in a big city to disassociate—– in an elevator, walking down the street.  Look up!  You never know what will inspire you.  Some of  my favorite inspirational moments is watching fashion every day on the street.

10.   Surround yourself with people that believe in you! Which we all are today!  Thank you to connect.inspire.grow for creating a venue that allows for this creative and necessary process of networking and inspiring one another.

-Kellie Trumper

Founder of Lookstyle

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